What to Know Before Moving to a Golf Course Community

What to Know Before Moving to a Golf Course Community

A move to any location takes a lot of time and planning to complete, but moving to a golf course community can be a great option for buyers looking for gorgeous views and amenities close by. You can do some individual research before deciding where to move, but partnering with professionals like The Hogan Group in Richmond, VA can be a great resource. Before diving into some of the points to consider when moving into a golf course community, here’s what you need to know about the great locations of Richmond and Charlottesville.

About Richmond

Richmond, Virginia is a location with a rich history as the nation’s birthplace, and its temperate climate makes it a great place to enjoy homes in a golf course community. There are several attractions in the area if you’re interested in exploring, such as the Pocahontas State Park and its downtown full of restaurants and art galleries. The golf course communities in the area, such as the Country Club of Virginia Richmond and the Glenwood Golf Club, benefit from these great perks.

About Charlottesville

Those at The Hogan Group in Charlottesville, VA can tell you about this area’s countless perks when searching for homes in golf course communities. Like Richmond, this location is full of history, which is memorialized in attractions like the Monticello. Its proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as its 23 parks, makes the outdoors an unforgettable sight. Golf communities like the Farmington Country Club, Glenmore Country Club, and Spring Creek Golf Club in this city benefit from the tall, lush trees and beautiful blue mountain line.

What to know about these golf course communities

Now that you know a bit more about the communities available in these areas, here are some things that could affect your decision to buy.

Great Location

After the overview of both areas, it goes without saying that these communities are situated in great locations. Residents in these areas have up-close views of people playing golf, which can save fans a lot of time searching for a good spot from within tournament crowds. The courses themselves are well maintained, and people in these areas enjoy a great view of the greens. Depending on the course’s layout, you may also be near lakes, fountains, and hills.

These communities are also very private. You’ll live far away from other neighbors, which is optimal if you’re opposed to an abundance of surrounding noise and traffic. Since golfing is a daytime sport, you can ensure that any after-hours noise will be minimal as well.

Community amenities

The greatest amenities that golf course communities provide residents is the golf course itself. You may receive a discounted membership price for the golf course if you live in the community, which is great for people who like to play multiple times a week. Besides golf, a community can have additional amenities like tennis and pickleball courts, outdoor trails, and a clubhouse. Partnering with experienced agents like those at The Hogan Group in Richmond, VA can help you sort through what amenities are available in which communities.

A golf course community may also have community events for the residents, especially if there’s a clubhouse on the premises. This is a great way to socialize with neighbors, as the homes aren’t typically close to one another. Look up a community’s events calendar to see how often they plan activities, and choose according to how much you expect to socialize.


A perk of living in a golf course community is a homeowners’ association. An HOA is great for making sure all residents abide by certain maintenance and landscaping requirements, ensuring your view remains top-notch. They also may have a company managing the course itself, which can make living in the area much easier.

However, you can expect the fees to be steep, as maintenance for a golf course requires a lot of resources and energy. There may be limits on painting the home’s exterior, the number of cars you can have, or the number of guests you can invite onto the property. There may also be socialization requirements to fulfill, which can burden residents who want a private lifestyle.

Other factors

Also, research golf communities for age restrictions. Although it is possible to find a golf course community that caters to younger buyers, usually they’re designed for residents above 55 years old. For example, the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville provides resident membership for families, singles, graduate students, and juniors. Although ideal for younger populations, those looking for a quieter or different social circle may do well researching a Charlottesville community like the Spring Creek Golf Club.

Another thing to consider when moving into a golf community is the possible noise. The courses are quiet at night but expect early morning maintenance like lawn mowing. If you’re an early riser, watching landscapers mowing the lawn over a cup of coffee may be a perk. Also, expect the noise of crowds during tournaments. If your property is near the course or a cart path, a lot of traffic may pass through the area.

Ready to work with the Hogan Group?

With these factors in mind, you’re ready to move into a golf course community in Virginia. For help deciding which area to choose, or where to start your search, contact the Hogan Group to guide you through the process.


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